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Vol 6, No 1 (2016): Pharmaciana
Studi Kinetika Adsorpsi Al-MCM 41 terhadap Metilen Biru
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14 Apr 2016
The synthesis and kinetics studies Al-MCM 41 of the methylene blue adsorption has been done. The observations of the adsorption kinetics is very important parameter in the adsorption process. This is the higher of adsorption kinetics tend to faster adsorption process .               The results of characterization of Al-MCM 41 has a wall thickness is 15.173 Å, Pore Volume Pore is 0.584 cm3/g, Pore Diameter is 30.446 Å, Surface Area is 995.513 m2/g . The results of the adsorption kinetics of Al-MCM 41 to  methylene blue adsorption follows pseudo second order with correlation value (R2) of 0.999 and the value of adsorption rate constant of Al-MCM 41 is 10-2 g.mg-1.menit-1.Keywords : Al-MCM 41 , Characterization of MCM 41 , Adsorption Kinetics
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